Effective Teacher Fellowship


Makin' it happen for kids in Houston

Effective Teacher Fellowship (ETF), HISD’s Alternative Certification Program (ACP) for novice teachers, is dedicated to recruiting individuals from non-educational backgrounds and careers who are passionate about students and teaching and learning. More importantly, we seek to recruit interns who are relentlessly committed to being change agents in the lives of the students our district serves and to becoming the most responsive and effective teachers they can be.

While our program works to certify teachers in a number of content areas, we are especially focused on the critical shortage areas facing our district: bilingual education, special education, and secondary math and science. As our program continues to grow, our vision is to be the premier Alternative Certification Program (ACP) in the country.

As a collective, we embody our district’s core values—determination , continuous improvement, focus on results, people-driven, and service—and work to live them through our work and actions every day. As a district-anchored ACP, our supports include robust instructional coaching and feedback, professional learning aligned to our Instructional Practice Rubric and certification exams, and strong campus partnerships.

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Why Join?

The Effective Teacher Fellowship (ETF), Houston ISD’s Alternative Certification Program (ACP), was established in 1985 making it one of the most experienced educator preparation programs in Texas. Throughout our history, we have worked to introduce individuals from non-educational backgrounds and careers to the fulfilling task of increasing student achievement in the nation’s seventh largest school district.

Beginning a career in education with the Effective Teacher Fellowship is easy. Simply apply to our program via the online application, be prepared to submit official transcripts for review, and participate in a structured interview during one of our ongoing selection events. The advantage of our application process is that it is linked to HISD’s own—making all of our interns automatically eligible for positions within the district without going through a separate teacher selection process.

The costs associated with ETF are comparable with those of other alternative certification programs throughout the state. One of the added benefits of our program is that there is absolutely NO application fee to start! The total cost of our program is $4,600 (excluding fees for state content exams, certificates, and fingerprinting). The cost of our program goes towards intake processing, pre-service training, and the continued in-class support and in-person training that you will receive throughout your internship year. Once you begin your internship in the classroom, the bulk of the program fee will be withdrawn from your paycheck over the course of 20 pay periods.

Together with our simple application process and reasonable rate, our program is designed to ensure that interns have continued support throughout their entire enrollment in the program. This includes providing resources such as online training for the TExES content exams as well as several professional learning courses based on HISD’s current Instructional Practice and Professional Rubric. We also provide dedicated Instructional Coaches that will give you one-on-one support throughout your internship as a first year teacher. In addition, we are continuously working to provide a number of grant opportunities that can potentially cover a percentage of your program costs.

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Cycle 36 Pre-Service Training Session 7 (Group B)
Date: 7/7/2015, 6 PM 8:30 PM
Location: 4001 Hardy St Houston, TX 77009
Cycle 36 Pre-Service Training Session 8 (Group A)
Date: 7/13/2015, 6 PM 8:30 PM
Location: 4001 Hardy St Houston, TX 77009
Cycle 36 Pre-Service Training Session 8 (Group B)
Date: 7/14/2015, 6 PM 8:30 PM
Location: 4001 Hardy St Houston, TX 77009
Cycle 36 CMCI Training (Time is Tentative)
Date: 7/20/2015, 8 AM 4 PM
Location: TBD
Cycle 36 CMCI Training (Time is Tentative)
Date: 7/21/2015, 8 AM 4 PM
Location: TBD